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Remote Control for Microscopes


Quartz PCI Collaboration Microscopy

PCI Collaboration Microscopy uses web technology to bring your lab and its clients together wherever they are located around the world. Imagine: Clients can interact with operators to ensure they are getting the images they actually need. Colleagues can work together to resolve engineering problems. Managers can help less experienced operators. Educators can teach students. Service personnel can diagnose problems.

Quartz PCI Collaboration

High Quality Live Video

PCI Collaboration Microscopy delivers real-time video from the microscope and up to three additional video sources such as a lab camera, EDX display and chamber scope to the viewer's web browser. Although the video signal is highly compressed to conserve network bandwidth and to ensure reasonable refresh rates even on slower connections, the display quality is exceptionally good.

Web-Based Software

PCI Collaboration Microscopy is web-based. This means that all a client needs to participate in a Collaboration Microscopy session is a web browser. No special hardware is required at the client side. Any number of clients may participate in a single collaboration session, so the experience of a whole group can be harnessed to solve difficult problems. The operator remains in complete control of the session and can turn the video feeds on and off at will. PCI Enterprise Database security ensures that only those with permission can gain access to a collaboration session.

Instant Delivery of Saved High-Resolution Images

Whenever the operator acquires and saves a high-resolution images on the microscope, it and its operating parameters are automatically transmitted to the client. This way, the client has immediate access to full resolution, highly detailed images—not just the video feed.

Access to Historical Data

PCI Collaboration Microscopy is built on top of the PCI Intranet Image Server and the PCI Enterprise Database. The PCI Intranet Image Server provides web-based access to all of the historical data contained in the PCI Enterprise Database. While your clients are interacting with the lab, they can also be comparing current results with historical data. Even after the collaboration session is finished, the client can easily retrieve saved results through web-based software.

Talon Remote Control Software

Talon Logo

Companies are looking for ways to provide cost effective network access to their remote, mobile and telecommuting employees. Quartz Imaging's Talon system provides this advanced capability.

The unique feature of Talon is the ability to combine the transmission of the target instrument's GUI with the high speed transmission of a video signal. Many instruments rely upon video rate, visual feedback, during operations such as focusing and astigmatism correction, and the response rate is critical to the correct operation of the imaging system. Talon minimizes bandwidth utilization by transmitting a high quality compressed video stream in combination with the complete GUI of the instrument. Only screen changes in the GUI are transmitted from the host computer to the client along with the streaming video signal.

The Talon software module provides a highly secure and cost-effective way for employees to access their imaging resources remotely. Operators can simply access and work on their imaging systems by using the small browser - like client software package.

Key Features of the Talon Software Module
Software Installation A small host module is installed on the target instrument PC system. Remote users can access and control their host computers from virtually anywhere using a small client application. Client software setup is via a simple installer and does not require configuration of PC conditions.
Security Talon connects through most corporate Firewalls so that a company's data and network remain secure. The video component is configured externally to the Firewall and remains isolated from the LAN.
Firewall Configuration Talon utilizes HTTP transport. IT administrators can allow access to the instrument without modifying the firewall or network configuration.
Connection Configuration Talon establishes the connection to the remote computer easily with no configuration. Users only need to know their instrument IP address, instrument password and job password. Instrument administrators retain full control over access to the instrument and can log and monitor sessions as they progress. Single or multiple user sessions can be set up at the instrument. Operators can invite specific users to operate the instrument or deny access to specific users Instrument operators can instantly terminate remote control with a single mouse click.

Remote Control for Microscopes for:

  • Educational Users
    • View and operate instruments from lecture theaters for enhanced teaching.
    • Provide remote access to central campus facilities.
    • Allow access by collaborators from other cities, states and countries.
    • Support students and technicians from your desk without having to go to the lab.
    • Allow access by external, industrial clients.
  • Semiconductor Users
    • Collaborate with job requestors to ensure that the correct areas are being imaged.
    • Deliver results quickly to requestors.
    • Work with tools in the fab without having to suit-up and enter the fab.
    • Provide lab services to your colleagues at other sites, even in other countries.
    • Support analysts from your desk without having to go to the lab.
  • Industrial Users
    • Collaborate with job requestors to ensure that the correct areas are being imaged.
    • Deliver results quickly to requests.
    • Provide access to external clients.
    • Provide lab services to your colleagues at other sites, even in other countries.
    • Support analysts from your desk without having to go to the lab.

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