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Digital Image Capture for SEM


Quartz PCI Slow-Scan provides digital image capture for SEMs from any manufacturer. Our USB digital image acquisition module and Windows-based Quartz PCI software capture images from your SEM in real-time and allow them to be saved in standard image formats.

Quartz PCI Lab acquires high-resolution, slow-scan digital images from SEM and STEM instruments from any manufacturer without interfering in any way with normal microscope operation.

Upgrade Your Old Analog SEM with Digital Imaging

Updating your SEM with the latest digital image acquisition capabilities improves productivity and reduces operating costs

  • E-mail clients their results
  • Include images in reports
  • Easily retrieve historical data
  • Eliminate film and photographic materials and processes

The Slow-Scan version of Quartz PCI Lab adds high quality, digital image capture and processing capability to any SEM or STEM for a very affordable price. Convert your SEM to digital imaging today!

Passive Capture for SEM Digital Imaging

Quartz Imaging pioneered the use of passive capture for high resolution SEM digital image capture. The benefits of passive image acquisition for SEM are now widely recognized.

USB Capture Hardware

Quartz PCI Slow-Scan uses our custom-developed digital image acquisition hardware which connects to your computer via a USB port. There is no board to go inside the computer — you can even use a laptop. Cables are included to connect to your SEM.

Supported Manufacturers

Digital image acquisition can be added to SEMs and STEMs from any manufacturer including:

Please contact us about your specific model. We can handle other imaging devices, such as Auger, as well.

More than Image Capture

Quartz PCI Slow-Scan does more than image capture. For around the same price as competing systems, you also get the complete Quartz PCI software package for image capture, processing, measuring, annotating, archiving, reporting and more.

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